Website Launch



The CTS Website was officially launched by our ambassadors, Adrian Salvatore and Mark Underwood, on 22 July at the Hume Global Learning Centre. Adrian and his workplace supervisor Matt Pocock spoke to those attending the launch about their experiences of working together at Kelly Sports. Together Matt and Adrian provided an inspirational picture of the benefits for both employer and young person of providing an opportunity to a young person with a disability.

As well as launching the website, the CTS team provided professional development on how to use the CTS Career Connections Talent Community.  Participants watched a preview of the tutorial video for the Talent Community, featuring Mark Underwood, and after becoming members of the Talent Community, participated in three workshops, covering the features of the portal, how to search and apply for jobs using the portal, and the AirCV function.

To access the workbook on how to use the CTS Career Connections Talent Community, click here.

To access the evaluation report of the Website Launch, click here.


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