2015 Data Collection Report

In early 2015 CTS embarked on the 2015 Data Collection Project which aimed to collate the post school destinations of students exiting specialist schools across the North West metropolitan region of Melbourne, including data on Indigenous and CALD students.

The Two Objectives for the Project are to:

  • Improve the understanding of the post school destinations of young people with a disability across the North West Melbourne
  • Improve the understanding of the numbers of Indigenous and CALD students transitioning from the specialist school system


Data Report
Data Report

The Project

Two consultants recruited in early 2015 worked closely with CTS. The consultants met with School Principals and the Careers and Transitions Staff to gather the data. It is envisaged that the key findings of the project will support:

  • To increase the opportunities for further education, training, employment and community participation
  • Create a benchmark for the region
  • Provide an opportunity for longitudinal data collection
  • Engage specialist schools to participate regionally in the On Track data collection
  • Literature Review on students post school destinations

To download a copy of the Report you can click here.