The CTS team work with stakeholders across the North and West metropolitan region of Melbourne to broker local initiatives and improve post school outcomes for young people with disabilities into further education and training, open employment and community participation.

The aim of all the initiatives involve the creation of a whole of school-community-industry approach to improving career development, post school transitions and the work readiness of student’s exiting the specialist school system.

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Specialist School Transition Network

A network for the range of Career and Transition staff from specialist schools in the North and West metropolitan region of Melbourne. Members share information and resources to support young people with disabilities from specialist schools to pursue post school options. Read more



Pilot Projects

North West CTS School Community Partnership Pilot Projects

CTS has engaged 5 specialist schools to participate in the School Community Partnership Pilot Projects. The focus of the pilot projects is to develop an Action Team of school and community members to work collaboratively toward the aim and objectives of the pilot project. Read more



Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work
Ticket to Work is a national initiative which takes a partnership approach to improving School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT’s) for young people with disabilities.
Find out more about the pilot projects in progress in Melbourne’s North West:



Talent Community

CTS Career Connections - Talent Community Online Portal

The CTS Career Connections Talent Community is an online portal which can be accessed by the 22 specialist school staff as a careers curriculum tool in the classroom. Equally students, parents and families, community services, employers and local government in the North West of Melbourne can become members and access the talent community. Career Connections Talent Community will provide news, links and information about career development and access to local-entry level opportunities. Read more



NW Melbourne Information Strategy

NW Regional Strategy on Careers Information

The CTS team have been exploring careers information available across the North West Melbourne region for young people with disabilities and their families on skills development including further education, employment and community participation. Read more




Data Report

2015 Data Collection Report

In early 2015 CTS embarked on the 2015 Data Collection Project which aimed to collate the post school destinations of students exiting specialist schools across the North West metropolitan region of Melbourne, including data on Indigenous and CALD students. Read more