Employment is an important contributor to people’s health and happiness. People who are employed are able to enjoy the economic and social benefits that work brings. Having access to an income, social inclusion and self purpose associated with a job also play a big role in a persons self esteem and confidence.

Research suggests that employees with disabilities have higher retention and dedication to their workplaces.   “there is a strong business case to support the employment of people with disability.” Find out more  Opens in new window


There are a range of ways in which students can train and develop skills to prepare for employment. Sometimes developing the skills for post school employment can begin while a student is engaged in secondary school. The following is a list of the programs and services available to provide this support:

  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeships (SBATs)
  • Workplace Learning Coordination (WLC)
  • Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC)
  • Group Training Organisations (GTO)
  • Transition to Employment Program (TTE)
  • Disability Employment Services (DES)
  • Australian Disability Enterprises (Supported Employment)

For more detailed information about the above mentioned programs and services, please click here (refer to pages 21 – 36 of the NW CTS 2015 Resource Guide)

CTS Career Connections Talent Community Portal

CTS Career Connections Talent Community is an online portal for the 22 specialist school staff to use as part of the school career curriculum. The talent community is also available for students, parents, families, community services, further education and training providers and employers in the North West of Melbourne to utilise. Read more about CTS Career Connections and how you can become a member here.