Croxton School Community Partnership Pilot Projects

CroxtonAbout the Project

Croxton School undertook and successfully completed a pilot of this project in 2014 – 2015.

An Action Team of both school and community sector organisations continue to meet and work together on a range of actions to help improve outcomes for young people with a disability into open employment, further education and training. The ongoing development of a parental and family engagement strategy is included as part of this work.

Some of the projects developments include:

Work Placement Opportunities 

Darebin City Council and Moreland City Council continue to work with the school and provide work placement opportunities for students from the school. This aligns to the students curriculum framework requirements. To read about the work placements at Darebin City Council featured in the February/March 2016 edition of Darebin Community New, click here.

Action Team continuation

The Croxton School Action Team continue to meet once a school term to further develop the partnerships.


View the Croxton School Action Team representatives
Name Title School
Beverley Fegan Principal Croxton School
Michael Sertori Assistant Principal Croxton School
Connie Skliros VCAL Coordinator Croxton School
Luke Ferns VCAL/Work Placement Coordinator Croxton School
John Candusso Life Skills (PALS) Croxton School
Anne Lao Teacher – Senior School Croxton School
Michael Barca Life Skills (PALS)/Gardening Croxton School
Jackie Mansourian Community Renewal Officer – Education Portfolio Darebin City Council
Barry Hahn Manager – Social Policy and Early Years Moreland City Council
Catherine O' Farrell Registered Training & Work Education Manager Northern Support Services
Joanne Mikhail Business Development Coodinator AGA Group Australia
Meri Ivanovska Manager – CTS INLLEN