Ticket to Work and Sunshine SDS


CTS are supporting the development of the Ticket to Work initiative across the Western metropolitan region of Melbourne.
Ticket to Work is a national initiative which takes a partnership approach to improving School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) opportunities for young people with disabilities. This model utilizes a partnership approach intent on increasing the employment and training outcomes for young people with disabilities who attend a specialist secondary school.


Ticket to Work
The Western Ticket to Work Working Party has been established and meet on a consistent basis. Their role is to work together and utilise the knowledge and expertise of the members to increase training and employment opportunities for the student candidates.
Some of the Working Party member representatives include specialist schools, disability employment services, workplace learning coordination project, local LLEN’s, industry and others.
Case Study: Learning and Experience

Bradley and Samuel are students from Sunshine Special Developmental School (SDS). The students were chosen by the school as candidates to apply for participation in the program to do a SBAT. Prior to the Ticket to Work initiative, this school did not have the opportunity to participate in a program which provides students with the experience of an application process for school based apprenticeships and traineeships.

Sam and Brad
YouthNow, one of the Working Party members provided the students a pre-interview, mock interview opportunity. This was to prepare them for the realistic experience of what attending the interview for the TTW program would be like.
During the 30 minute mock interview both Bradley and Samuel answered several questions from the panel which included telling a little about themselves. They discussed their interests, what they identified as their key strengths and biggest challenges are and what they for see themselves doing once they finish school.
Bradley identified that the reason he applied was, “to help grow myself” and Sam answered, “To help me find work when I finish school.”
Samuel said that he would like to do some work experience in retail, helping to fill stock on the shelves at Coles, Bunnings, Master or Woolworths.
Bradley identified his interests in railway trains and his desire to work in the office at Visy Hub. Bradley showcased his writing skills and his ability to work on computers.
The TTW Interviews were a new experience for Bradley and Sam. The Interview panellists (made up of the TTW Working Party) indicated that Bradley and Sam are yet ready to undertake an SBAT opportunity. The Working Party members decided to support the students’ career development skills by offering other opportunities as part of the TTW process. This includes the opportunities for work experience in the local community. The students have learnt that far more can be taken during the process of learning than from the final outcome itself.
Bradley gained a work experience opportunity, performing office duties at the office of Youth Now. The tasks he performed were an extension of the work he had been undertaking at the school.

Brad and Dee

Samuel attends Work Experience at Coles Supermarket at Brimbank Plaza. Sam was very happy as he became confident in his surroundings and socialized with the employees of Coles. Sam found the experience to be very fulfilling as he could relate with the tasks he was completing.


Bradley and Samuel received great feedback from their employers for showing such fantastic confidence and a willingness to learn during their work experience.